TRIBAL WELFARE DEVELOPMENT SERVICE TRUST was created to educate Tribal People to became useful and earnings for the family.

Aim and Objectives of the Trust

  1. To Educate Tribal People to became useful & Earnings units of the Family
  2. To Provide Job Opportunity for the Tribal peoples.
  3. To Start, Run and Develop Small Business for Tribals
  4. To Receive Medicines for Needy.
  5. To Give Vocational & Hands-on Training to the Tribal People.
  6. To Train and prepare the Younger Generation towards the national community development.
  7. To work for total enviromental enhancement in the rural.
  8. To create knowledge cum development centers in the villages come under the operational area.
  9. To grow and giving thurst to humanity people.
  10. To safeguard the human right of people and try to get compensation and relief againsst human right violation.
  11. To Organise free legal services to unprivileged people.
  12. To Eliminate Child Labour in its all Forms.
  13. To Enhance Career Education Among Society.
  14. Protection of Ecology and Environment.
  15. To organize free legal service to underprivileged people!
  16. Rehabilitation of orphan,widow,helpless women!
  17. To setup a home for aids affected people and a home or drug dead diction!
  18. To implement schmes of legally accepted free marriages
  19. To organize free rural medical and heath checkup camps!
  20. To implement Rural medical and health checkup camps periodically.
  21. Building a home for Drug deaddiction.
  22. Motivate tree plantation scheme among youngsters
  23. Provide social and psychological counselling to the needy people.
  24. Oraganize blood donation & organ donation camps
  25. To participate in national river link program to providew employment for youths!
  26. To implement student’s birth dxay tree planting scheme!
  27. To work on rehabilitation program of agricultural labors!
  28. To improve the scope of children’s education.
  29. To give training on natural calamity management and to implement relief and compensation measures of such natural disasters!
  30. To improve herbal medicine by forming herbal farms;to give social psychological counseling to needy people!
  31. To setup a village information with the help of educated youths;to eradicate poverty by creating more employment!
  32. To plan programs such as encouraging self-employment and rural employement and to implment them!
  33. To organize seminars,confrences andd symposiums on innovative business ideas and manufacture of new product in the market!
  34. Nowdays, serveral members of the trader community are in doldrums by facing debts which they got from illegal money against launders who are propering themselves by this inhuman activity would help trading community by analying legal aspects! we also intended play the middle role in forwarding this issue to the government by which the trader community would get speedy redressed of theie grievances!
  35. To organize propaganda programs for breast feeding among young mothers!
  36. To organize propaganda programs for awareness on trian water harvesting!
  37. To organize free heart checkup,specialty medial checkups on Ear,Nose,Throat(ENT) and general medical checkup.
  38. To create awareness on environment among the rural population.
  39. To tell and explain the people about the social issues that affects the integrated development of the villages.
  40. To take the welfare measures and schemes of the state to poor people.
  41. To create and establish a laboratry Pancgayat Raj Administration.
  42. To develop the skills of sporrtsmen in rural area people.
  43. To give the awareness to the rural people for sports
  44. To do Annadhanam at every full moon day
  45. Encourage the small savings among the people.
  46. To Setup a research centre for increasting the Scientist.
  47. To Construct,maintain or alter any building or works neccessary for the purposes of the TRUST
  48. To borrow money for thr purpose of the TRUST upon reasonable terms and conditions.
  49. To utilize and spend the income of the TRUST for the said purposes specifically given the objects.
  50. To safeguard the human right of people and try to get compensation and relief againsst human right violation.